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From Graham Leggett <minf...@sharp.fm>
Subject Re: mod_cache questions
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 10:38:54 GMT
Arnauld Dravet wrote:

> I have to implement cache support in our reverse proxy, running apache
> 2.0.36 (Linux), and, as mod_proxy is not caching anymore, i'm checking
> which modules i could use, depending on their features.

The caching was stripped from mod_proxy and moved into mod_cache.

> Of course i've checked mod_cache, but also 'fcache'. Both don't have
> any complete documentations so i'm kinda stuck.

Hmmm... must check what docs exist...

> My questions about mod_cache:
> - Can i use the cache (disk and/or ram based cache) in a virtual host
> based server ? Our reverse proxy is serving different internal sites,
> and we want to activate caching for a few sites, but not for all.

(AFAIK) yes.

The main reason the cache was ripped out of proxy was that we wanted
cache to work anywhere in Apache. For example with mod_cgi, or
mod_webapp (for tomcat).

> - Can i enable (or deny) the cache per URI (directories) and specific
> files (inside a virtual host) ? For example, can i use as default rule
> for a virtual host to not cache anything, except one directory
> containing static pages ?

Again, yes. Caching is enabled or disabled for content beneath a
specific URL, configurable by you.

> - How the reverse proxy will act if i tell him to cache dynamic pages
> ? Is there an algorithm or anything used to determine if a page is
> static or dynamic ? (i'm gonna read RFC 2616 right now, i don't know
> yet if it talks about that).

Again yes. RFC2616 explains how HTTP proxies and caches are supposed to
work - to HTTP there is no such thing as "static" or "dynamic", there is
only "content". Look for headers like Cache-Control, Etag, and the stuff
on conditional requests to see how this all works.

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