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From Brian.Rich...@kmzr.com
Subject Re: Apache 1.3.26 + Header-manipulation patches for Apache mod_proxy
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 05:20:04 GMT
<FONT face="Default Sans Serif, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size=2><DIV><BR></DIV><FONT
color=#990099>-----Graham Leggett &lt;minfrin@sharp.fm&gt; wrote: -----<BR><BR></FONT>To:
modproxy-dev@apache.org<BR>From: Graham Leggett &lt;minfrin@sharp.fm&gt;<BR>Date:
06/24/2002 04:25PM<BR>Subject: Re: Apache 1.3.26 + Header-manipulation patches for Apache
mod_proxy<BR><BR><TT><FONT SIZE=2>Brian.Richter@kmzr.com wrote:<BR></FONT></TT><P><TT><FONT
SIZE=2>&gt; My question is, is there not some value with his patches he has made?<BR></FONT></TT><TT><FONT
SIZE=2>&gt; Enough of a value to be added into the distribution? And does 2.x even
need<BR></FONT></TT><TT><FONT SIZE=2>&gt; it? I have yet
to look into running 2.x, I first have to find out if it<BR></FONT></TT><TT><FONT
SIZE=2>&gt; supports our SecurID module and test it before I even think of that.<BR></FONT></TT><BR><TT><FONT
SIZE=2>If I remember correctly the changes in the patch only worked for Proxy,<BR></FONT></TT><TT><FONT
SIZE=2>not for the whole server. As a result, mod_headers was modified in v2.0<BR></FONT></TT><TT><FONT
SIZE=2>to allow request headers to be modified as well as response headers.<BR></FONT></TT><BR><TT><FONT
SIZE=2>As for v1.3, it's been put in a fixes only state, as v2.0 is the<BR></FONT></TT><TT><FONT
SIZE=2>preferred version to use now. This is why the patch is separate for v1.3.<BR></FONT></TT><BR><TT><FONT
SIZE=2>Regards,<BR></FONT></TT><TT><FONT SIZE=2>Graham<BR></FONT></TT></P><P><TT><FONT
size=2>Yes this is just a proxy related item.</P></FONT></TT><P><TT><FONT
size=2>OK thanks, I did not realize that since v2.0 is out that 1.3.x is in fix state only.&nbsp;
Which means I figure, no major changes.. Just updates for fixes/problems.&nbsp; So his
latest patch for 1.3.26 will most likely continue to work.&nbsp; Still would be nice if
it was just rolled in with the rest since it's so valuable and I am sure many like myself
will not be moving to 2.0 for awhile. (Not that I don't want to, just don't have enough time
yet at work to do so.)</FONT></TT></P><P><TT>Also believe it
or not, I don't think many are aware of his patch for the 1.3.x version.&nbsp; I have
spoke with many that had no idea of it.&nbsp; Others like myself that had Apache in a
reverse proxy configuration that could not get OWA working with it. </TT></P><P><TT></TT><TT>Thanks
for the responses everyone.</TT></P><P><TT></TT>&nbsp;</P></FONT>
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