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From sen...@melshake.com
Subject TCP connections betwen rev-proxy and webservers ?
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 16:14:13 GMT
I'm looking for some info. on how Apache reverse proxy establishes 
the TCP connections to the web server.

How is it implemented ?

As far as I can see, it seem to me that it does open a new TCP connection for each new request,
am I right ? 
If this is really the case, does that's mean we lose the benefit of 
HTTP/1.1 piping ? 
Does the webserver might be configured to handle connection as if they were HTTP/1.0 and close
the socket as fast as possible ?

Thanks for your help,

Stephane Engel <sengel@mailshake.com>

     Secouez vos mails sur http://www.melshake.com ;-) 

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