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From Peter Van Biesen <peter.vanbie...@vlafo.be>
Subject Re: mod_proxy and HTTP 302 response
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 07:40:03 GMT
I have the same problem with two sites : www.argenta.be and
www.sony-europe.com . The proxy locks up for 30 seconds and then garbles
up the headers. Sony is a IIS/4.x, which has a known problem : it does
not send a <fin> TCP/IP packet at the end of the connection, so the
proxy keeps on waiting until a timeout occurs. Does your proxy lock up
also for about 30 seconds ? I don't know if this causes the headers to
be garbled.

I've contacted the webmasters to get more details but up until now no
response ...


Brett Hutley wrote:
> J.D. Silvester wrote:
> >I am running Apache 1.3.26 with mod_proxy and am having a interesting
> >problem.  A specific site that I connect to with the proxy server is
> >doing a redirect on requests.  However, the redirect is not being
> >interpreted properly by the proxy server.  If I connect to the same
> >site without using the proxy server, my browser is properly redirected,
> >which is why I am unable to figure out exactly what is happening.
> >
> >If I make a request of http://www.someserver.com/webpage.html  it is
> >supposed to be redirected to http://server1.someserver.com/webpage.html
> >
> >When using the proxy server I get this in my web browser:
> >
> >Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 05:17:28 GMT Server: RealPage 2700
> >Set-Cookie: RealPageID=590675136; expires=Tue, 31-Dec-2002 00:00:00 GMT;
> >path=/; domain=.someserver.com Location:
> >http://server1.someserver.com/webpage.html Content-Type: text/html
> >X-Cache: MISS from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Connection: close
> >
> OK, it may be that having worked through one mod_proxy problem, I now
> see *everything* in terms of that problem (akin to what happens if you
> only have a hammer), but this kinda sounds like the issue I was banging
> my head against yesterday. Is the server that is doing the redirection
> sending back invalid headers (where invalid is defined in mod_proxy as a
> HTTP header line without a colon in it)? If so, see my post to this
> mailing list of earlier today.
> Cheers, Brett

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