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From Brett Hutley <br...@hutley.net>
Subject Re: mod_proxy and HTTP 302 response
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 07:41:55 GMT
Graham Leggett wrote:

> Peter Van Biesen wrote:
>> Direct conntection :
>> # wget -S --proxy=off http://www.argenta.be
>> --11:29:28--  http://www.argenta.be/
>>            => `index.html.2'
>> Resolving www.argenta.be... done.
>> Connecting to www.argenta.be[]:80... connected.
>> HTTP request sent, awaiting response...
>>  1 HTTP/1.1 200
>                  ^^^^^^^^
> Seems the "human readable" part of the response is missing, and the 
> proxy is expecting at least an HTTP/x.x<space>200<space>, where the 
> last space is missing.
> Regards,
> Graham

Yup. Note that the way 2.0.40 handles this, it strdups WHATEVER is 
pushed through afterwards to the status_line member of the request_rec 
structure. This seems to me to be potentially dangerous... as in; push 
exploit machine code onto the heap through this function, and then take 
advantage of a smaller buffer overflow opportunity elsewhere to indirect 
through to your HUGE_STRING_LEN-13 sized exploit function... of course 
this depends on there actually BEING another buffer overflow opportunity 
elsewhere.... and being able to access the pointer to the request_rec 
structure, and then DNS-cache-poisoning the internal dns server so the 
web server proxies from the evil machine that serves the bad headers 
rather than the server you THINK you are proxying from... so it's very, 
very, unlikely to be exploited. The fix is so trivial though (make sure 
the HTTP response string length is greater than 13 bytes).

Cheers, Brett

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