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From Martijn Schoemaker <mart...@osp.nl>
Subject Siteminder/mod_proxy issues
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2002 15:39:26 GMT
Hi all,

I have the strangest results in an environment we use
at a customer.

We have an apache-server with mod_proxy on one node,
which forwards it's requests to another apache-server
with mod_proxy AND mod_sm from siteminder Netegrity.

Both apache servers are 1.3.26, pached with my previously
posted 'full reverse proxy' path, a siteminder patch (which
cannot be applied because the change seems to be in
standard 1.3.26 anyway) and a patch which removes spurious
line-feeds/carriage returns in the headers.

The strange thing is that some redirects from the application
(behind the 2nd proxy) work fine, others work only on IE6
browsers, others crash with a 'DNS error', and all netscapes
seem to display the redirect page without actually performing
the redirect.

The only strange thing I see in the sniffer logs (the redirects
are fine, no additional cr/lf's, no other strange things) is
that the siteminder cookies are set twice.

I afiak the duplication happens on the second proxy but I
cannot imagine why. Either there is a problem with the
mod_sm making it add the cookies and not replace if they
exist, or the mod_proxy duplicates the Set-Cookie headers.

I am completely baffled by this issue, and I don't have much
hair left on my head ;)

My question to y'all is :

1. Has anybody got this same config (using siteminder) ?
2. Does anybody know why the netscape browser does not
   perform the redirect, except when I press 'reload' ?
3. Has anybody got a hint as to why Set-Cookie headers
   might be duplicated ?

Thanks in advance,
Martijn Schoemaker

P.S.: Since this infrastucture is SSL on the front, and since
      browsers nowadays don't support 'view response as-is'
      anymore (let alone seeing the headers :() I do not have
      the actual document 'seen' by the browser.

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