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From Martijn Schoemaker <mart...@osp.nl>
Subject Re: Siteminder/mod_proxy issues
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 11:28:25 GMT

We use SM 4.51 and not yet the QMR4 web-agent. Will install
and try this out right away. In any case, this does not seem
to be a mod_proxy problem anyway. I did some more checking
and the browser problems are probably caused by the Set-Cookie
headers which are set multiple times. Also, the Cookies them-
selves for the user that works are smaller that the ones for
the user that don't work and this prolly gives strange effects
in IE (who whould have guessed ? :))

Anyway, this seems more like a SM/Cookie/RFC issue and has no
further relation with mod_proxy.

Thanks all who replied for the input, and if insights change
y'all will hear from me :)

Martijn Schoemaker

P.S.: Does anyone know a browser-like test tool which handles
      SSL and shows the actual data including headers ? I might
      even build one myself, since debugging these issues is
      now quite a pain in the *ss. I know there is an SSL ca-
      pable wget, but it's pretty irritating with cookies etc.

"Foust, Adam G." wrote:

> We are beginning a Apache 1.3.26 reverse-proxy setup with SiteMinder. I have
> not seen the double Set-Cookie strangeness. We are using SiteMinder 4.61
> with the QMR4 apache webagent. I've observed some strange URL rewriting
> issues involved with multi-domain sign-on and using cookie providers, but
> nothing that can't be worked around.
> Our setup is basically apache reverse-proxies (mod_proxy) behind F5
> load-balancers. The reverse-proxies chain through intermediate firewalls
> through another (forward) mod_proxy to backend DMZ servers.
> I have been tracing HTTP headers and have not yet seen the behavior you
> describe. Are you running SiteMinder 5.0?

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