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From Martijn Schoemaker <mart...@osp.nl>
Subject Re: Siteminder/mod_proxy issues
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 14:29:49 GMT

Well, if it is, it's also a mod_proxy issue since the patch is
shipped with siteminder (smproxy.patch) and which now seems to
be in the mod_proxy standard distribution seems to cause all
headers set by the siteminder module to be added twice which
does not seem right anyway. This might even cause headers set
by all other modules to be set twice though I have not tested
this yet.

To avoid confusion, I have done all tests with the official
QMR4 version of the siteminder webagent, the one officialy released
for apache 1.3.26. So using that webagent does not solve the problem.

However, when I comment out the lines which should be added by the
smproxy.patch (but are now in the standard mod_proxy) all problems
seem to be solved.

The lines are :

+       /* Now add out bound headers set by other modules */
+       resp_hdrs = ap_overlay_tables(r->pool, r->err_headers_out, resp_hdrs);

Now, the reason I bumped into this might have to do with the
fact that the siteminder headers are huge, and duplicating them
overflows some boundary somewhere in some cases in some browsers
in some universes (but definitely ours).

So can we verify that 'we' (as in the mod_proxy developers)
are doing things wrong, or 'they' (as in the apache core developers)
are wrong ? ;)

Martijn Schoemaker

Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:

> You may want to move this to dev@httpd.apache.org - this sure sounds like
> something in the core being the issue.

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