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From "Lancashire, Pete" <PLancash...@columbia.com>
Subject RE: Not a Dev question .. but can someone help me
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 17:10:32 GMT
Well here I go .. 

here I'm having a problem is in doing a reverse URL conversion,
forward is just fine.

What I'm trying to do is have a Apache 1.3.24 (eventually 2.x) server
act only as a proxy. Getting forward to work has been easy, but getting
the reverse to be hidden is not being much fun.

I have a host that is accessible to the internet (actually behind a
firewall and has IP restrictions) called outside, this is the one
with Apache and a host inside or hidden called inside.

(Real names changed to protect the guilty)

http://outside/images       -> http://inside/
http://outside/images/      -> http://inside/

Work just fine, and thanks to another list on  how to get this to
work without a trialing slash.

but no matter what I do I can not get the correct reverse translation to

http://inside/you-name-it to become http://outside/images/you-name-it

What I have so far in my httpd.conf is:
RewriteRule       ^/images/*(.+) http://inside/$1 [P]

ProxyPass         /images/       <http://inside/>

ProxyPassReverse  /images/       <http://inside/>
ProxyPassReverse  /images/       <http://inside.hidden.xyz/>

The "home" URL that one would get if they where accessing the inside
directly is: 


This is the URL that http://outside/images is trying to proxy.

Hope all this makes sense


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