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From Alex Rousskov <rouss...@measurement-factory.com>
Subject Re: Reproducable apache 1.3.26 /modproxy issue viewing www.kbb.com
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 16:30:33 GMT
On 13 Aug 2002, Geff wrote:

> 	1. mod_proxy is RFC compliant - So why break apache to
> accommodate M$'s lack of ability to read and implement a standard
> that was published in June 1999?

IMO, removing Content-Length header from 304 responses will not change
alleged mod_proxy compliance. In fact, one could argue that removing
entity headers is the right thing to do for proxy implementations
trying to follow IETF cornerstone principle of "garbage in, compliance

Personally, I would not remove all entity headers in fear of
introducing incompatibilities with broken clients that were tested
with (written for) MS servers only. Removing just the Content-Length
header seems to be sufficient to fix the problem at hand. Note that
according to RFC 2616, 304s never have a body so filtering or ignoring
Content-Length header should be safe.


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