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From Alex Rousskov <rouss...@measurement-factory.com>
Subject Re: Multiplexing proxy gateway requests to backend servers
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 16:44:10 GMT
On 19 Aug 2002, Ian Holsman wrote:

> The other thing to remember is that in >our< case (yours may vary)
> connection setup/teardown may account for ~10ms, while the actual
> thing being reversed proxied is a order of magnitude (or more)
> larger, and this stuff just gets lost in the noise.

It is not just about response time overhead for connection setup. One
should also account for the number of open connections that need to be
supported (on the proxy and on the origins), related DoS attacks, and
such. I am not saying persistency and "multiplexing" is a big
performance win by default. It may be, in some situations, with proper


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