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From Maurizio Marini <mau...@ns.datalogica.com>
Subject rewriting post parameters
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 09:12:49 GMT
Hi there,
we have following problem:
we are using mod_proxy and mod_rewrite in standard reverse proxy architecture; after reversing,
we use mod_rewrite to change get parameters;
we are not able to change post ("hidden") parameters, instead.
To be more precise, we are able to modify post parameters in http, but if we switch to https,
we noted many things change and the code we used
to change post parameters in http, doesn't work anymore.
somane cah help me to understand:
1] this is is feasible
2] in which directions should i work? some guidelines to start to write code, in a few words
thnx in advance for appreciated help!
Maurizio Marini

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