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From "i.t" <...@ithum.de>
Subject Re: rewriting post parameters
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 10:26:27 GMT

> we have following problem:
> we are using mod_proxy and mod_rewrite in standard reverse proxy
> architecture; after reversing, we use mod_rewrite to change get parameters;
> we are not able to change post ("hidden") parameters, instead.
> To be more precise, we are able to modify post parameters in http, but if
> we switch to https, we noted many things change and the code we used to
> change post parameters in http, doesn't work anymore.
> Help!
> somane cah help me to understand:
> 1] this is is feasible
> 2] in which directions should i work? some guidelines to start to write
> code, in a few words thnx in advance for appreciated help!

it would be helpful, if you could provide some more actual details
- Apache version
- relevant part of httpd.conf
- a sketch of the httpd flow
- a flow shot with tcpflow or at least something like
wget --server-response --spider http://relevant.domain.com/
curl -I http://relevant.domain.com/

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