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From Maurizio Marini <mau...@datalogica.com>
Subject Re: SSL support for mod_proxy ...
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 13:06:02 GMT
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On Tuesday 08 October 2002 07:07 pm, Graham Leggett wrote:
 >My understanding is that mod_ssl in apache v1.3 patches mod_proxy to
 >enable it to do this:
 >ProxyPass / https://backend.secure.server/
 >I am not 100% sure though, as I have never needed to use it.
Hi Graham,
i've a very strange problem:

i've 2 linux server, one is backend, the other is the rev-proxy

On rev-proxy i've tried 

ProxyPass 			/ 		https://backend.secure.server/
ProxyPassReverse  	/ 		https://backend.secure.server/

with 1.3.27 + mod_ssl-2.8.12-1.3.27
RedHat 7.3

in backend i've a very small test script that send 3 cookies:

SetCookie("Cookie1","This is Cookie1", time()+100000, "/foo", ".dev.datalogica.com", secure);
SetCookie("Cookie2","This is Cookie2", time()+100000, "/foo", ".dev.datalogica.com", secure);
SetCookie("Cookie3","This is Cookie3", time()+100000, "/foo", ".dev.datalogica.com", secure);

I receive only the first cookie;

so i changed the hd on the rev-proxy linux server,  putting  the one with debian woody 3.0,
with apache 1.3.26; 
the backend is always the same with the same script: now i receive all the 3 cookies
strange, isn't it?

Hve you some idea?

now i try to compile apache 1.3.26 tarball on RedHat 7.3 to see if the problem is with 1.3.27

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Maurizio Marini
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