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From Ilija Stankovski <ili...@psynch.com>
Subject SSL support for mod_proxy ...
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2002 22:02:04 GMT
Hi All

If you don't mind I would like to submit a feature request to this mailing
group for new functionality in the mod_proxy module.

Make mod_proxy SSL aware. mod_proxy should be able to negotiate SSL
connections with other web servers in order to reverse proxy to them. The
typical scenario is the following one...

 Browser -----> mod_proxy            ------> HTTPS
                RewriteRule .. .. [P]

The web browser connects to Apache and based on the URL structure it should
proxy the request to a web server that has SSL enabled.

At a current state, mod_proxy, correct if I am wrong, does not talk to SSL
enabled web servers at all. Hence it can not reverse proxy to SSL enabled

Everything works great with normal HTTP traffic.

M-Tech, the company I work for is willing to help out with the development
work if needed in order to get this functionality in place.

Any response, comment or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.




             Ilija Stankovski
             Infrastructure Technology Manager
             Mercury Information Technology Inc.
             Tel: (403) 233-0740
             Fax: (403) 233-0725
             E-mail: ilijas@psynch.com


  "If you send me an e-mail request, and I do not respond within 3
  hours, please send it again to 'support@psynch.com' as I may be

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