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From Fabiano Felix <fe...@getnet.com.br>
Subject Re: Apache reverse proxy x OWA authentication
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2002 12:55:48 GMT
Hello ,

I have success in reverse proxy to OWA/Exch2K with Apache2, but I have 
another problem: in some parts of OWA (specifically in pages that they 
require NTFS authentication), I receive the following message:
    Unknow authentication method.

I have too a https backend...

I search but I didnt find any solution, someone has some idea  ???

With best regards,


i.t wrote:

>>We are having a similar problem and haven't solved it yet. I believe that
>>the backend OWA server needs to have the original Host: header requested by
>>the browser passed through. There's a proxy directive in Apache 2 called
>>ProxyPreserveHost which sounds like it might do just that.
>>There's also a tech. note on Microsoft's web site that mentions that an
>>HTTP header may have to be set, but it isn't clear whether this is required
>>or not.
>>We tried to get end-to-end SSL working with reverse proxy and ran into
>>problems with Apache 1.3.26 (haven't tried with Apache 2 yet). Our backend
>>https connection must pass through a regular Apache 1.3.26 proxy (not a
>>reverse proxy) and this doesn't appear to be implemented. The ProxyRemote
>>method seems to malfunction for backend SSL connections. A direct (no
>>intermediary proxy) https backend connection does appear to work.
>what we have experienced with OWA-Clients and Exchange is:
>to avoid problems with IE5/6 you have to use Squid (with extensions methods) 
>or Apache 2.0.4x
>we have even tested 1.3.28dev (beg. Oct);
>1.3.24 works with basic auth, but you have to add dav support getting the 
>client to work with the inbox and other webmail functionality

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