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From Jeroen van den Horn <J.vandenH...@marviQ.com>
Subject Re: Mod_Proxy Connection:Close Workaround?
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 08:38:11 GMT
Older versions of Apache exhibit this behaviour - that is Keep-Alive is 
not supported (in fact, communication to the backend by mod_proxy is 
always HTTP/1.0). You might wanna try the latest 1.3.x or 2.0.x releases 
- they should support HTTP/1.1 and keep-alives from the browser to the 
proxy (but not from the proxy to the machine your proxying the request to).


Amandeep Jawa wrote:

> Hi folks -
> I hope someone can help or at least help me understand what is going 
> on.  I work at Apple and we are using an HTTP based protocol in iTunes 
> to implement song & database streaming over TCP/IP connections 
> (http://www.apple.com/itunes/ see the "New Music Sharing feature " 
> blurb).
> Anyway our system presumes a persistent connection ala HTTP 1.1 but 
> whenever a request is directed through mod_proxy in Apache 1.3.24* a 
> "Connection: Close" header is added to the request, thus causing the 
> server to shutdown the connection that is supposed to persist.  When 
> the client makes the next request, it realizes the connection has 
> closed unexpectedly and assumes the server has been lost.
> Can anyone explain what is going on? Why would mod_proxy think it is 
> OK to add a "Connection: Close" header?  Is there anything I can do on 
> the client to make this NOT happen?  I suppose a secondary solution 
> would be to figure out a server configuration that would disable this 
> - but I'd rather not go down that path if it can be helped.  Any ideas?
> 'deep
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