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From Alex Rousskov <rouss...@measurement-factory.com>
Subject Re: Mod_Proxy Connection:Close Workaround?
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 20:40:38 GMT
On Thu, 8 May 2003, Amandeep Jawa wrote:

> Anyway our system presumes a persistent connection ala HTTP 1.1 but
> whenever a request is directed through mod_proxy in Apache 1.3.24* a
> "Connection: Close" header is added to the request, thus causing the
> server to shutdown the connection that is supposed to persist.
> When the client makes the next request, it realizes the connection
> has closed unexpectedly and assumes the server has been lost.
> Can anyone explain what is going on? Why would mod_proxy think it is
> OK to add a "Connection: Close" header? Is there anything I can do
> on the client to make this NOT happen?

In addition to previous answers suggesting using Apache 2.x, please
note that a design relying on or "presuming" persistent connections is
wrong, even with HTTP/1.1. Persistent connections are an optional
optimization feature. Each side (each hop, really) of the HTTP
transaction can close the connection at any time after the transaction
is completed, and there is nothing other agents involved can do about
it. In other words, you cannot force connection persistency.

RFC 2616 contains all the boring details, of course.

If you continue to rely on persistent HTTP connections, you will see
an increase in the number of "broken" environments, as your deployment
grows and more HTTP intermediaries come into play.



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