Because I don’t know how.  I haven’t found a way to add custom header variables via mod_rewrite or mod_proxy.  Is there another apache module that will do this?


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Why don't you add your own custom header to the request?


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Hey all.  I have been researching and experimenting with this and have not yet found a way to do it with either mod_rewrite or mod_proxy.


I have about 25 virtual hosts all with their own ssl keys.  I want to proxy them all through apache to JBoss and then have JBoss proxy content from Zope.


The problem I am having is that I have a portlet-streamer tool which I wrote and open-sourced which will rewrite the content links from zope according to a configuration file which works very similar to mod_rewrite (which I used as a guide).  I have no problems except when I try to determine what the original protocol was.


When using mod_proxy, I can use apache 2.0 and use the ProxyPreserveHost directive to get the host from the request, or I can simply pull it from the x-forward-host header property using my rewrite tool.  Unfortunately nothing in the request or the header tells me if the request was via http or via https.


Is there any way to tell the target host the original protocol via a header variable or a directive?