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From Eli Marmor <mar...@netmask.it>
Subject Re: modproxy load balancer
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 14:48:25 GMT
Bill Stoddard wrote:

> Who would be interested in seeing some load balancing function being put
> into mod_proxy?

Several millions users?
Many thousands of webmasters?

> - selectable load balancing algorithm: Round robin, LRU,  response time,
> url driven, session affinity, ?

Before providing multi-choicing, a basic algorithm (maybe based on one
on the above) will be great too.

> - automatic detection of backend server failure and removal of the
> failed server from the load balancing routing tables (forever? for a
> period of time? other?)

You continue to sample it, once per a time (1 minute? more?)
You can also add a directive to define the time resolution, or the
action to be taken.
But why not just "steal" ideas from the LVS project?
They already passed all these steps (for another layer) and chose/
developed solutions.

> Perhaps a new container directive to define a group of backend servers,
> another container directive to define URLs served by a particular group
> of backend servers. Need some way to bind a url group to a server group.

I would re-use the syntax of mod_rewrite, including its parser and
other stuff from that module.
It enables you a bunch of other goodies, such as choosing the exact way
to bring the stuff (proxy/redirect), etc.

Eli Marmor
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