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From Federico Mennite <federico.menn...@lifeware.ch>
Subject Re: modproxy load balancer
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 15:42:31 GMT
Hi Bill,
Bill Stoddard wrote:

> Ping to all list citizens (listizens?) ...
> Who would be interested in seeing some load balancing function being 
> put into mod_proxy?  Anyone given any though on what you would like to 
> see or maybe even have a design proposal you'd like to discuss? 

I'm definetively interested.
I managed to configure mod_proxy in combination with mod_rewrite 
(internal rewrite do mod_proxy) to do some load balancing.
Using mod_rewrite's map feature, I was able to feed an home made program 
(a script) with data gathered from the incoming connections. The program 
returns to mod_rewrite the ip numbers which mod_proxy  should use for 
the backend connections.
The only requirement that I'm missing to put this on a productive 
environment, is the ability to feed the external program through a unix 
and/or network socket instead of its standard input and output.
This can probably be done without too much rocket science, but I didn't 
have time to try to implement something yet.

> My short requirements list:
> - selectable load balancing algorithm: Round robin, LRU,  response 
> time, url driven, session affinity, ?
> - automatic detection of backend server failure and removal of the 
> failed server from the load balancing routing tables (forever? for a 
> period of time? other?)
> - connection pooling using HTTP keep-alive (this is a no brainer since 
> it is a simple extension of what browsers already do, but it needs to 
> be designed in from the start)
> - must be effective with multiple child processes, each child must 
> make routing decisions globally based on stats maintained in a shared 
> memory segment 

This can probably all be handled by an external program as described 
above (which for my requirements would be enough).
However having your points implemented might have performance advantages 
(and other that I'm missing) over the mod_rewrite solution...


Federico Mennite.

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