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From Carsten Gaebler <apa...@snakefarm.org>
Subject [PATCH] support for environment variables in ProxyPassReverse
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 16:14:34 GMT
Hi there,

the book "Linux Server Hacks" by Rob Flickenger contains an example on 
how to use environment variables with the ProxyPassReverse directive. Of 
course it doesn't work because it's not implemented. :-) But since it's 
very useful for the proxy I'm maintaining and would also strip down this 
ugly reverse mapping list in the URL Rewriting Guide, I wrote a patch 
for Apache 1.3.27.

Basically it allows you to setup something like this:

RewriteRule  ^/(.*)/  http://$1/  [P,E=WHERETO:$1]
ProxyPassReverse  /%{ENV:WHERETO}/  http://%{ENV:WHERETO}/

The logical consequence would be for ProxyPass to support that, too. But 
  since this directive is handled in a different file and I don't know a 
centralized place to put the expand_vars() function, I didn't do that.

Feel free to send comments.


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