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From "Lombardo, Federico" <FLomba...@grandistazioni.it>
Subject mod_proxy in a chrooted anvironment
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 08:19:41 GMT
Sorry for posting in this list, but I've no documentation resource

The problem is quite simple.

For security issues I'm running my Apache 2.0.46 on a debian 3.0r1 in a
chrooted environment.
All work correctly, I tell what and when to proxy in httpd.conf into a
https based virtual host.

When I try to connect to my proxied site, I receive a PROXY LOOP error.

Starting the same apache WITHOUT chroot() will WORK CORRECTLY.

I've tried to strace the process, but no further information to manage
the problem.

Note that I've copied into the chrooted() all the libraries needed.
So the libraries used by apache in normal and in chrooted environment
are the same.
Also /etc/ needed files are the same.

What can cause this problem ?

Thank in advance,

Best Regards.


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