I would definitively be interested in these features and help out.


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From: Bill Stoddard []
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2003 10:29 AM
Subject: modproxy load balancer

Ping to all list citizens (listizens?) ...
Who would be interested in seeing some load balancing function being put
into mod_proxy?  Anyone given any though on what you would like to see
or maybe even have a design proposal you'd like to discuss?

My short requirements list:
- selectable load balancing algorithm: Round robin, LRU,  response time,
url driven, session affinity, ?
- automatic detection of backend server failure and removal of the
failed server from the load balancing routing tables (forever? for a
period of time? other?)
- connection pooling using HTTP keep-alive (this is a no brainer since
it is a simple extension of what browsers already do, but it needs to be
designed in from the start)
- must be effective with multiple child processes, each child must make
routing decisions globally based on stats maintained in a shared memory

To do this properly, I would think we need some new config directives.
Perhaps a new container directive to define a group of backend servers, 
another container directive to define URLs served by a particular group
of backend servers. Need some way to bind a url group to a server group.