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From Bill Stoddard <b...@wstoddard.com>
Subject [PATCH] Goofing with proxy load balancing
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 03:27:49 GMT
Here is some nasty nasty code but it works well enough for me to test 
some ideas. I'll refine it as I have time.

Quick overview of the implementation:
This code uses a single optional hook, the load_balance hook, which is 
defined by mod_proxy, implemented in mod_proxy_lb.c and is called by 
ap_proxy_http_create_connection in proxy_http.c. The hook takes three 
input arguments:
	request_rec *r,
	char *load_balancer_module_id,

and returns a 'trylist'. The trylist contains pointers to a couple of 
callback functions defined by the lb module identified by 
'load_balancer_module_id'. One callback is to fetch an ip address 
(actually a proxy_conn_t*) to use to route a request. The other callback 
is to report a failure to establish a connection with that 
proxy_conn_t).  The trylist also contains a void * pointer to an opaque 
datatype specific to a particular load_balancer module.  I did it this 
way to reduce unnecessary coupling between the load balancers and 

mod_proxy_lb.c is a braindead round robin router. Hopefully it is 
sufficient to demonstrate where I'm heading... Load balancer modules can 
be arbitraily complex in how they decide to route requests.

To use...
1. apply the patch from directory modules/proxy

2. add mod_proxy_lb.c to your compile environment (compile it as 
loadable module)

3. Update httpd.conf with something like this:

LoadModule proxy_lb_module modules/mod_proxy_lb.so
<IfModule mod_proxy_lb.c>
    LBServerCluster cluster1 http://downstreamserver1:port
    LBServerCluster cluster1 http://downstreamserver2:port
    LBProxyPass        /file500.html        cluster1
    LBProxyPass        /snoop               cluster1

Where 'downstreamserver#' is the name of a backend system to route 
requests to. 'cluster1' is the name of a logical group of backend 
machines pointed to by LBProxyPass directives (which are coded exactly 
like ProxyPass directives, except the 'real' name is replaced by a 
symbol representing the backend cluster.)

If I send a request for /snoop, the request will be routed to the 
servers defined in LBServerCluster in the order they appear in the 
config file.  Rerouting to the next server will only occur if either the 
DNS lookup or connection establishment to the server fails. Simple 
failure to find a resource on the target server will not cause a reroute.

My fingers are tired of typing so here is the patch. Comments welcome.


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