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From Timothy Stone <cityli...@petmystone.com>
Subject Suggestions for mod_proxy
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 15:01:28 GMT
Greetings mod_proxy developers:

Normally, I would not bother a developer list, but certain requirements 
in a recent project sparked my desire to post a suggestion for mod_proxy.

The directive: ProxyBlock has very broad or very narrow application.

For example:

ProxyBlock *

Effectively disables Apache as a proxy.

Opposite is:

ProxyBlock .playboy.com .hustler.com .wired.com

which is a very grandular approach.

There is not an "in-between". Specifically, I was handed requirements to 
set up a "kiosk-like" box that served local content, but could go to 
Mapquest if desired. So my initial idea was to set Apache up as a proxy 
that would block traffic to all websites /except/ Mapquest.

Now, I know that other, probably more efficent IP layer methods exist, 
but the client does not wish to, or want to, play with their routers.

So I tried, after a number of creative suggestions on the Apache User 
list, to get this to work (block all traffic to websites other than 
Mapquest). All to no avail.

mod_proxy does not appear, by design it seems, to allow negated domains, 
or for example:

ProxyBlock * !.mapquest.com

I'm currently working on some rather creative solutions to fix this (it 
appears that no workaround in mod_proxy exists). One such workaround is 
to write domains to a text file and periodically restart Apache to 
"source" in a new ProxyBlock list (otherwise the sheer amount of upfront 
work of entering by hand the global list of domain names is daungting 

If the developers are open to suggestions, this seems to me to be a near 
perfect one.

I thank each of you for your time and for the most excellent HTTPD on 
the Internet (I refuse to use anything else!) :)


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