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From Timothy Stone <cityli...@petmystone.com>
Subject Re: Suggestions for mod_proxy
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 12:26:49 GMT
Timothy Stone wrote:

> Greetings mod_proxy developers:
> Normally, I would not bother a developer list, but certain requirements 
> in a recent project sparked my desire to post a suggestion for mod_proxy.
> The directive: ProxyBlock has very broad or very narrow application.
> For example:
> ProxyBlock *
> Effectively disables Apache as a proxy.
> Opposite is:
> ProxyBlock .playboy.com .hustler.com .wired.com
> which is a very grandular approach.
> There is not an "in-between". Specifically, I was handed requirements to 
> set up a "kiosk-like" box that served local content, but could go to 
> Mapquest if desired. So my initial idea was to set Apache up as a proxy 
> that would block traffic to all websites /except/ Mapquest.

I knew that I must have been missing a piece of the puzzle. Thanks to 
Andrew Braund for pointing me to the configuration guidelines for a 
"URL-Restricted Proxy" available in the Apache 1.3 URL Rewriting Guide 

Warmest Regards,

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