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From Jason Sheneman <jasonshene...@yahoo.com>
Subject mod_proxy proxypassreverse on Form Sumbit
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2004 19:59:20 GMT
I have a third party application running in apache behind a firewall.  I decide to install
Apache on Windows 2000 to act as a proxy to the server behind the firewall.  I'm having trouble
getting the proxypassreverse to work for me.  
I have www.server2.com/submit.php which is the server running the webapp.  I have www.server1.com/app1/submit.php
as where the users go.  I setup my apache config to the following:
ProxyRequests off
ProxyPass /app1/ http://www.server2.com/
ProxyPassReverse / http://www.server2.com/
All seems ok at first as I have no trouble going to www.server1.com/app1/submit.php and being
actually sent to www.server2.com/submit.php.  Now the submit.php page is a form that has a
submit button on it.  The submit button does a POST to www.server2.com/Analyze.   What is
happening is that when I click on the submit button I see the browser trying to resolve www.server2.com/Analyze
instead of www.server1.com/app1/Analyze
However I have no trouble going to www.server1.com/app/Analyze directly.  It just seems that
mod_proxy doesn't handle forms POSTs.  Any help anyone can give me to confirm or deny my findings
would be much appreciated.  Also, if this should work, if anyone can give me some hints I'd
be very greatful.
I've tried all kinds of combinations of proxypass and proxypassreverse, I just can't seem
to get the response from the form post back no matter what I try.

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