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From Daniel Lopez <dan...@rawbyte.com>
Subject Re: mod_proxy and client IP addresses
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 14:11:12 GMT
> OUR PROBLEM IS that one specific action requires local clients to contact the 
> central server directly. Because all but this specific communication runs 
> through the proxy server, this client action is denied by the central appserver 
> because it does not acknowledge the client IP address (the appserver only talks 
> to the proxy). Action fails.

> If I would accomplish fooling the central server thinking it is talking to the 
> client directly (I would be IP spoofing I guess, using mod_ip_forwarding?)
> would my client accept responses from the central server while the original 
> request went to the proxy server? Would my client TCP stack accept that?

You can do this at the HTTP level. The proxy is transmitting the client IP
in its headers, you just need to fool the central server into thinking the
request is coming from a differnet IP. This module does just that :

It replaces the proxy IP address with the client IP address in the appropriate
places duing the internal Apache request processing

Best regards


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