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From Marco Muishout <Voi...@hotmail.com>
Subject mod_proxy and client IP addresses
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 13:34:24 GMT

We have an international INTRANET web+appserver setup with local clients, local 
proxy caches and a central web application server.

* We use the proxy caches on loca lsites to serve static data to local clients, 
to relieve WAN link bandwidth and latency issues.

The central app server does only communications coming from the caching proxy 
server - the actual client addresses are invisible.

OUR PROBLEM IS that one specific action requires local clients to contact the 
central server directly. Because all but this specific communication runs 
through the proxy server, this client action is denied by the central appserver 
because it does not acknowledge the client IP address (the appserver only talks 
to the proxy). Action fails.

I can only think of one way to solve this:
Make the caching fully transparent to the central server - in this case, the 
central server thinks it is talking directly to the client. But - proxy traffic 
hides all client IP information.

If I would accomplish fooling the central server thinking it is talking to the 
client directly (I would be IP spoofing I guess, using mod_ip_forwarding?) 
would my client accept responses from the central server while the original 
request went to the proxy server? Would my client TCP stack accept that?

Any info is highly appreciated. Customizing the webapp is highly undesireable :-

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