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From "Duncan, Brian M." <brian.dun...@kmzr.com>
Subject RE: Reverse Proxy and MS Sharepoint question. (Apache possibly mishandling poorly formatted Satus-Line header) (SOLUTION)
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 14:40:47 GMT

Thanks Graham.  I did search the Archives with no luck.

I just posted the solution I did find.  I should have checked a newer
version before I reposted my question to the list.  It turns out that
this was fixed in an update to 1.3.x (I believe in .28 is when the fix
was put in place)

I just installed 1.3.33 and verified that Apache has managed to work
around this issue now!

So now we don't have to wait on Microsoft to fix their problem.

I posted a follow up on the Users list so if anyone is searching like I
was they will see.  I just hope if something is done in 1.3.x that it is
also applied to 2.x Apache.  At the time last year I did verify this
existed in 2.x also.

Thanks for your help!

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From: Graham Leggett [mailto:minfrin@sharp.fm]
Sent: Monday, December 20, 2004 2:52 PM
To: modproxy-dev@apache.org
Subject: Re: Reverse Proxy and MS Sharepoint question. (Apache possibly
mishandling poorly formatted Satus-Line header)

Duncan, Brian M. wrote:

>  I sent this around 10 months ago to  the help  list. (NO REPLIES) 
> Will
> try one more time  on this list, since it says it is PROXY related.
> this looks like a bug.  (If I am wrong here, please let me know)
>  MS now admits to this "bug" but tells us they won't fix this till SP2
> for MS Sharepoint server.  (They told us it would be fixed in SP1, but

> that never happened)  And since this seems to make Apache malfunction
> the point a buffer overflow could occurr I figured I would try again.

This topic has come up before, the archives should uncover the solution.

I do recall a workaround going in to fix this problem quite a while

The best place to get help is on the main Apache user's list - this list

was for development discussions on proxy, which moved back into the
mainstream httpd mailing lists quite a while back. You'll get a far
better response from the users list.



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