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From "Thomas Jachmann" <thomas.jachm...@mindmatters.de>
Subject Re: squid, apache and tomcat with name based virtual hosts
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 21:49:19 GMT
I'm sorry (well, actually glad!), I found a solution... it wasn't Apache,
but Squid:

The request to thomas.mindmatters.de got a via header to mark it as being
processed by a proxy. The request got to apache, which proxied it. Then the
request (with the via header) came to squid again which thought this is a
forwarding loop (which it isn't - just a two pass process) and denied it. So
I added a ProxyVia block directive in the VirtualHost and it works...

sorry for bugging you.

"Thomas Jachmann" <thomas.jachmann@mindmatters.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Hi,
> My setup is rather complex for a simple web server, but let me try
> explaining it:
> Squid is listening on port 80 of my IP address, configured as a
> httpd accelerator. It's main purpose is to be one single access point to
> apaches: One on the same maching, the other on another machine. The
> distinction between the two servers is done based on the domain name used
> couldn't do this using DNS, due to the network structure).
> The Apache on the same machine is listening on port 80 of and
> serves a few name based virtual hosts.
> Now what I want to do is have one virtual host (vhosts.mindmatters.de)
> is used to connect to a tomcat server:
> JkMount / ajp13 ajp13:vhosts.mindmatters.de:8009
> JkMount /* ajp13 ajp13:vhosts.mindmatters.de:8009
> Now I want to let other virtual hosts access the tomcat mounts. Let's say
> have a virtual host thomas.mindmatters.de and all requests should be sent
> an application "thomas" deployed on tomcat. I'd like to configure this
> a .htaccess file in the document root of this host (so that changes to the
> redirection can be done by the user without reloading apache's
> configuration):
> RewriteEngine on
> RewriteRule ^(.*) http://vhosts.mindmatters.de/thomas/$1 [P]
> But with this, I get an error from squid saying that the access is denied
> for
> What this seems to do: I access thomas.mindmatters.de, which lets apache's
> mod_proxy module issue a request on vhosts.mindmatters.de/thomas. This
> to squid again and tries to fetch it. But the request to squid must be
> different thatn the request I'd send when accessing
> vhosts.mindmatters.de/thomas directly, since it doesn't go through.
> First I thought, this error might occur because apache doesn't change the
> Host header of the HTTP request to vhosts.mindmatters.de (so that squid
> apache are able to analyse it properly), but it does.
> Any hints on how I could achieve this? Thank you very much. Oh, and
> redirects and authentication requests should be handled transparently as
> well without exposing the domain of host2 to the client! :)
> Regards,
> Thomas
> PS - I think, tomcat or squid aren't the problem, it's just that I'm
> proxying a name based virtual host from another name based virtual host on
> the same machine/apache. Are there any known problems and workarounds for
> this?

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