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From tobr...@transolutions.net (O'brien, Tim)
Subject RE: Organization Identifiers - URI Syntax
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2003 15:44:27 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dirk-Willem van Gulik [mailto:dirkx@webweaving.org] 
> On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, O'brien, Tim wrote:
> > We should try to have an organization identifier of something like 
> > "org-apache", or "org.apache".  This shouldn't be confused with Java 
> > package naming conventions.  Repository discussions should get bogged 
> > down in references to JARs, I see this repository URI syntax as being 
> > technology neutral.  Artifacts are simply files, if the XML descriptor 
> > for a specific product wants to provide some sort of artifact type 
> > that would be just fine.
> This may draw a smile in certain quarters - but have a look 
> at 'URN's - they solve very large parts of this puzzle 
> cleanly; allow others to mangage similar namespaces in 
> paralleln (and have recently been made operational in addr-arpa).

I'm entirely neutral as to the composition of this organization identifier
as long as uniqueness can be guaranteed.  The gist of the email was to
propose another level of structure, and to try to push people out of the
Java-only mindset.

Dw, it took me 2 years to grok the remifications of XML, I'm sure it's going
to take me 2 years from now to fully grok URN and NAPTR records, but in the
meantime, I think we'd all be greatful if you could educate us all.

> Dw

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