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From Nick Chalko <n...@chalko.com>
Subject Re: Organization Identifiers - URI Syntax
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 21:55:04 GMT
I agree that this is a good idea,  with the adddtion of version


where artifact may optionally have a version suffix such as ant-1.5.jar

O'brien, Tim wrote:

>We should try to have an organization identifier of something like
>"org-apache", or "org.apache".  This shouldn't be confused with Java package
>naming conventions.  Repository discussions should get bogged down in
>references to JARs, I see this repository URI syntax as being technology
>neutral.  Artifacts are simply files, if the XML descriptor for a specific
>product wants to provide some sort of artifact type that would be just fine.
>All I want to address is the "organization" portion of the following URI"
>I propose that organization be a reversed domain name, ( I take back my
>opposition to using periods in this field ).    It is important to have this
>organization level to reduce the chances of name collision.   Also,
>organizations would have free range to control there part of the repository
>namespace.  Organization identifiers would be org.apache, com.sun, and so
>on.  These should not be confused with Java package or class names, URI
>syntax shouldn't be concerned with the target technology.
>As a side note, my requirements would be met with the existing Maven
>repository structure plus this organizational layer.  I'm taking an
>incrementalist approach here, but only because I've got projects that
>currently rely on the ibiblio.org repository.
>Tim O'Brien 

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