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From Nick Chalko <n...@chalko.com>
Subject Re: [proposal] URI format
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 18:29:37 GMT
Excelent, lowest amount of change that will work, solution. 

So how do we go about encouraging projects to publish there jars.

Costin Manolache wrote:

>Here's my proposal: 
>1. The .jars and other artifacts ( docs, wars, etc ) will be distributed
>in the same layout and directory structure with the regular Apache 
>files, based on the rules for mirroring ( http://... ).
>Each project may add a jars/,  wars/ directory next to ( or below ?) bin/.
>2. Each jar in the repository will be versioned, with a symbolic link
>to the latest released stable version and a symbolic link to the latest 
>The "latest stable version" will be referenceable by both the simple jar 
>name ( the symbolic link ), and by the full versioned names. Same for the 
>latest milestones.
>3. The symbolic name should be changed on every incompatible API or major
>release. Projects should be able to deal either with full 
>versioned names, or at least with major-version names. Example: 
>catalina5.jar will be used as the "base names". 
>First-version projects or projects where backward compatibility is 
>strictly enforced will not have to use a version ( we can keep the 
>current names for existing projects ).
>Using the mirroring layout:
>- the mirror system seems accepted and is already implemented in most
>- jars and wars and .sos and other project artifacts are part of the 
>release, there is no reason to treat them differently
>- it is clear that both verioned and unversioned jars have valid use 
>- unversioned jars can be used in projects where the use case applies -
>for example if ClassPaths are used in jars or if file-based access id
>done for any reason. 
>- Using the latest stable version guarantee that upgrades will get the
>bug and security fixes and get maximum stability
>- Upgrading to the latest milestone will allow people to benefit from
>recent features and deal with API changes. ( again - the stable name 
>will keep the process predictible )
>- It seems this practice is acceptable in maven 
>- Versioned jars will be available to satisfy Maven's use case - people
>building or running against a fixed version of a particular software.
>Major version number in jar names:
>- it'll allow people to use/build projects depending on multiple 
>- it'll help the use case of tomcat or other containers where multiple
>versions may be used at the same time. We still want to use the latest 
>minor version out of each major version - for security and bugfix reasons.
>- it'll allow people to deal with the API changes
>- stable and existing projects can keep the current simple name

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