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From "Michal Maczka" <mmac...@interia.pl>
Subject RE: URI/URL Syntax -- little nits to be aware of
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2003 19:03:08 GMT
> 1) I have angst over the version in the URI (as a 'directory')
> only because
> of the likely need for symbolic links for 'latest'. I think this
> is a burden
> on publishing tools, and leads to errors (what if two tool were publishing
> at same time, can symbolic links be created remotely, etc.) That
> said, read
> on...

I am also -1 for separate directories per version

> 2) Version in the filename has it's issues also -- e.g.
> "jakarta-servlet-api-4-1.1" -- is that version 4 or 1? (It is 1.1 of
> jakarta-servlet-api-4.)
> 3) Some folks like to use _ not - for such separators. Some also
> like to use
> periods in resource names. Both make resource parsing hard.

Why do you want to parse strings which describe versions?

If you want to impose on anyone how they should version their artifacts?
There is zero % of chance for that.

Version can be anything like:

build-994 or 1.2.alpha-5 or 4-1.1

and we should just decide where string which describe a version is included
in the URL and stop there.


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