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Subject [ASF Repository Project Wiki] Updated: BrettPorter
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2005 04:59:38 GMT
   Date: 2005-01-22T20:59:38
   Editor: BrettPorter
   Wiki: ASF Repository Project Wiki
   Page: BrettPorter
   URL: http://wiki.apache.org/ASFRepository/BrettPorter

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Change Log:

@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
 My thoughts on the road map...
 == Repository Policies ==
 === MD5 format ===
@@ -38,9 +39,23 @@
 == Required new features ==
 These are features required in Maven Wagon to support the repository:
- * sign code before pushing it up
+ * sign code before pushing it up (using GnuPG), and handle this in the downloading also.
More details to be added.
+ * possibly use JAR signing (this is built into Java, but not other languages, so is only
a bonus feature. more thought needed)
  * publish to a stage location so it can be vetted by a script for a valid md5, asc and that
it isn't a SNAPSHOT, before copying it to the release location
  * allow different repository formats, to support a possible difference between ASFRepository,
Maven-1 and Maven-2
+ * license handling: 
+   * facilitating clickthrough licenses
+   * permanent acceptance of a certain type of license
+   * show license again if it changes
+ * possibly collaborate with the Mevenide folks to add integrated IDE support. This is something
they may already have, and there is code in depot for eclipse that can be used
+ * for sourceforge projects: support making releases to the sf release system and pushing
that to a repository (partial support in depot)
+ * Ant wishes that we can build it with no dependencies other than JREs 1.2+ and Xerces/Crimson.
This is perhaps not realistic for all providers, but may be for lightweight-http (no publishing)
+ * An archival policy
+   * is a good idea so old artifacts that have been renamed can be removed from the top group
directory so people know what the current artifacts are (while still being able to get the
old ones from an archive).
+   * I think there's merit to having 3 repositories: snapshot, archive and current (current
is not just the latest release, but all supported releases). Equivalent to cvs.apache, archive.apache
and www.apache now.
+Wagon's scope is really only transport though - uploading and downloading through a variety
of providers with a common Java API.
+The repository layout code is no longer in there. It is in a separate component of Maven,
so there can be some discussion on our end about whether that really makes it part of the
Wagon project, but not the Wagon API. That's really administrative more than anything.
 == Repository Layout ==

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