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From Brett Porter <brett.por...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Maven and repository@apache.org
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 11:14:27 GMT

Firstly, can I check who is still actively involved here other than
Nicola, Mark and myself?

Continuing on what was started in this thread:

> I'd add that to use a common repository, there needs an implementation
> for all projects to use. It's easy, correct and resonable to think that
> it should be under Maven. Is Wagon still active? 

Yes, Wagon is quite close to a public release. It's been stable for
over a year, but has not really had the force behind it to justify
separation from Maven.

Wagon's scope is really only transport though - uploading and
downloading through a variety of providers with a common Java API
(there was also an Ant task at one point - though since Ant have
developed their own there is little point in updating the wagon one).
MD5 hashing is handled, and I'd like to add PGP signing obviously.

However, the repository layout code is no longer in there. It is in a
separate component of Maven, so there can be some discussion on our
end about whether that really makes it part of the Wagon project, but
not the Wagon API. That's really administrative more than anything.

> The Depot project SVN
> is still there, ready to be used if/when needed by the Maven project.

I'll take a look, thanks. Is there any doco available on what depot's
advantages were, why it came into being and why it eventually closed?

> Thus I would add that the repository@apache.org list and wikis should
> support and point users to the Maven repository handling code.
> Does this sound reasonable?

Sounds good to me.

I'll try and get my thoughts together and onto the wiki soon. I
noticed several requirements are missing, and the road map is probably
out of date.

Out of interest, this is the proposed future repository layout for Maven:

>From what I remember, it takes into account all of the points raised
on the ASFRepository wiki layout document.


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