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From "Carlos Sanchez" <car...@apache.org>
Subject Re: What are the current locations for m2 artifacts?
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 21:58:56 GMT
On 7/14/06, Jason Dillon <jason@planet57.com> wrote:
> Can one of you tell me what the current official locations are for m2
> artifacts?
> I'd like some confirmation for the official:
>   * M2 Release repo HTTP URL and SCP URL
>   * M2 Snapshot repo HTTP URL and SCP URL

Add this to your parent pom and you'll inherit all that info


> Also, how do release artifacts (for m2) from Apache get synchronized
> to central?

releases are synced on demand, ping here or in maven-dev
snapshots are not released

> And, what are the security requirements to allow posting (via SCP
> wagon) to these repositories?

I have this in my settings.xml


although the preferred mask for files is 644 you have to keep in mind
that there's a problem with the metadata files that need to be group
writable always

> Geronimo is very close to finishing conversion to m2, and I need to
> start publishing SNAPSHOTS and prepare for releases... but I'm
> currently confused what the right URLs are to use.
> Can someone please help set me straight?
> Thanks,
> --jason

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