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From "Gilles Scokart" <gscok...@gmail.com>
Subject Pom aren't in XML?
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 12:51:36 GMT

Are the pom of the repository supposed to be in XML?  I hope yes, but in practice they are


I have started to make some test where I'm trying to compare the result of a dependency resolution
done by ivy and by
maven.  I have worked with the small repository that I have on my machine (= the maven cache
containing +/- only maven,
its plugin and their dependencies).


The first results are for the moment pretty bad.  Most of the modules are indeed depending
on modules for which the pom
is simply not a valid XML (too bad, ivy is using an XML parser) 


I found those modules have a non XML pom (they contains &oslash; which is not a valid
XML entity): 

org.codehaus.plexus/plexus (up to 1.0.7, for later version it seems to be fixed)





Is it normal?  Is it possible to fix those pom (I know it doesn't come from ASF, but.) ?


I hope yes, because having non XML pom make it very difficult to reuse the repository without
the maven client.




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