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From Christian Grobmeier <grobme...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Struts Hackathon
Date Sun, 16 Jun 2013 18:01:33 GMT
hi Ross,

thanks for your long e-mail and the time you spent with it.

On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 5:20 PM, Ross Gardler
<rgardler@opendirective.com> wrote:
>> Events are now under the President and we are in a period of
>> transition. Trademarks manage the branding aspect and you say you will
>> have that covered so that's fine. Small events support is provided by
>> ComDev.

OK, thanks for explaining.

>> Any approval for funding would need to come from President as ComDev
>> has no budget for this. Personally I believe we should be building on
>> the original ConCom ideas of underwriting small events but expecting
>> organisers to make every effort to secure local sponsorship to cover
>> those costs. You can see these proposals at  [1]

OK, good to know. The event will not be too expensive. In worst case
I can pay the expense.

I am going to outreach for local sponsors next week. After reading this,
my idea is to ask for help if it is shortly before the event and nobody
responded. If it works out, good, if not, then maybe attendees will donate.

>> I, as a ComDev member am happy to work with you on this. I have made
>> the comdev list the primary list on this response (small-events
>> remains in cc. as we have yet to migrate activity formally to ComDev,
>> it is currently unclear if that community has the volunteer energy to
>> support smaller events). As the current EVP I'm also able to help with
>> any proposal you want to take to President. However, please be aware
>> that this conversation has not yet been had with the President or the
>> board. The outline proposal from ConCom is therefore a very good
>> start, even though it was never really applied in practice (no event
>> organiser ever asked for underwriting).

Thanks. I will subscribe to comdev now and in case I need to ask for support,
I am contacting you again for some assistance.

>> In terms of other activities ComDev can help with that PMC should be a
>> resource for ideas and input, but formal engagement there is not
>> required. As a small event organiser we invite you to help us improve
>> the materials available. Currently the resources for event organisers
>> are quite minimal, see [2] and the event calendar at [3]

Thanks for the links. I will think about them. At first glance i like
the "find speaker" tool very much.

All the best,

>> Ross
>> [1] http://wiki.apache.org/concom-planning/ConComSupportedEvents
>> [2] http://community.apache.org/speakers/
>> [3] http://community.apache.org/calendars/
>> On 16 June 2013 14:36, Christian Grobmeier <grobmeier@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> I have prepared a 1.5 day event in Augsburg, Germany. Friday will be a
>>> couple of presentations in the evening, Saturday is a whole day
>>> Hackathon on Struts.
>>> I (ASF member and Struts PMC) am organizing it. Three other Struts PMC
>>> members are joining, give the talks and help with the Hackathon.
>>> It's early september.
>>> Currently I am preparing the website in order to make some buzz.
>>> I already found the trademarking requirements and will send a message
>>> for approval when I am done of course.
>>> Is there anything else I need to do or what I could benefit of?
>>> Specifically I am currently considering to ask for a donation for the
>>> Hackathon day, because we don't have any sponsors yet (cost will be
>>> around 25€ per person), but I don't like that much. If there is ASF
>>> support for such mini-events, I would be glad to know about it.
>>> Also I am not sure if there is somebody i need to contact, like f.e. comdev?
>>> Thanks for all help,
>>> Christian
>>> --
>>> http://www.grobmeier.de
>>> https://www.timeandbill.de


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