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From Mukul Gandhi <muk...@apache.org>
Subject java project build question, in eclipse IDE
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2018 05:40:10 GMT
Hi all,
   I apologize for cross posting to, two Xerces lists.

I need some help from the community here. Its an Eclipse question (Version:
Luna Release 4.4.0 Build id: 20140612-0600), while I'm working with Xerces
source code.

I've following three Java projects within my Eclipse workspace.
1) This project is the Xerces source code from the location,
2) This project is the Xerces source code from the location,
3) This is my own application Java project, that simply does SAX and DOM
parsing with validation.

In the "Java Build Path" of project 3) mentioned above, I've specified
project 1) as dependency. Projects 1) & 2) build fine. But project 3) gives
me compilation error, that classes like javax.xml.validation.SchemaFactory
not found. Can someone please suggest, how I can fix this? I've also tried
starting Eclipse with option -clean, but that doesn't help. Its been 1-2
weeks, that I'm trying to solve this problem, but haven't found solution
yet :( I would be happy for any help.

I'm using JDK 1.4.2 within the mentioned Eclipse workspace.

Mukul Gandhi

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