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From Mukul Gandhi <muk...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Xerces-J 2.12.0 vs. Saxon: XSD 1.1 CTA validation errors
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2018 05:03:40 GMT
Hi Yitzhak,

On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 6:57 PM, Yitzhak Khabinsky <
Yitzhak.Khabinsky@millicom.com> wrote:
>    1. The CTA expression continues to trip on search in sequences.
>    The error message says  “…couldn't compile successfully…”
>    2. The CTA expression doesn’t accept “eq” instead of “=”.
>    The error message says  “…couldn't compile successfully…”
> I did test your XML and XSD sample that you attached most recently. While
doing XSD 1.1 validation using the Xerces sample jaxp.SourceValidator, when
I don't give an option -fx I get errors for CTA XPath expressions saying,
"couldn't compile successfully". But when I give option -fx, I don't get
that error.

It seems, there's some other issue on your side that I don't reproduce.

>    1.
>    2. It seems that the *base-uri(.)* function call is failing to return
>    the fully qualified path to the XML file that is being validated.
>       1. Saxon’s *base-uri(.)* function call correctly emits the
>       following:
>       file:///d:/Temp/CDW/IFRS/Tanzania/id2938_TZ20171231_
>       IFRS15_CBCInput_3TZ005.xml
> You seem to be using the base-uri(.) function in your xs:assert. As I said
earlier, Xerces's xs:assert evaluation does not preserve the URI of XML
file that is being validated, that can be returned by the base-uri(.) call
in an xs:assert. Therefore, while using XSD 1.1 validation (specifically
using xs:assert) with Xerces, you shouldn't rely on the value of

Mukul Gandhi

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