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From "Robin Green" <gree...@hotmail.com>
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT] Apache Cocoon 1.8.1 Released
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 02:26:37 GMT
The Apache Cocoon project is very pleased to announce the release of Apache 
Cocoon 1.8.1. Thanks to all who submitted bug reports and fixes - and 
especially to Donald Ball for his sterling work on the ESQL logicsheet!

--->  http://xml.apache.org/cocoon/  <---

Release notes follow:

  Release Notes for Cocoon 1.8.1

  This is mainly a bugfix release - a large number of fixes and updates
  have been made.

  As usual, changes since previous releases are documented in 

  Major improvements include:

  * First official release of the esql logicsheet for database access in 
    Esql, which was previously an undocumented experimental feature, 
    features like integration with other logicsheets, prepared statements, 
    multiple encodings. Esql now supercedes both the sql taglib and the sql
    processor. IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the esql syntax has changed since 
Cocoon 1.8
    (see the documentation), it is now expected to be fairly stable.

  * The much-maligned Internet Explorer PDF bug, which caused so much 
gnashing of
    teeth, has finally been "fixed" in Cocoon! (We think.)
    See the FAQ for full details - see also samples/fo for practical 

  * Updated installation instructions for a number of servlet engines, 
including Tomcat.
    Cocoon now comes with walk-through installation instructions for a 
greater range of
    platforms than ever before! This is very useful because Cocoon is a 
complex servlet
    and therefore quite complicated to install.

  * Support for FOP 0.15 (though not later versions).
    Unfortunately this is rather inefficient - Cocoon 2 will address this.
    FOP is an XML-to-PDF converter based at xml.apache.org. FOP 0.15 
supports more
    features and fixes many bugs, but it is based on a newer XSL:FO
    specification than FOP 0.13, so some pages may need changing. FOP 
    have been updated accordingly.

  Other highlights include:
  * New LinkEncodingProcessor to encode all links on a page
    - no more messing about with response.encodeUrl all over the place
    or unportable XSLT extensions!
  * sax-bugfix.jar that allows you to see line numbers in parsing errors. 
See Installing.
  * Documentation has been tweaked and improved in many places.
  * Of interest to JServ users - You can now override options in 
    in web.xml or zone.properties.
  * User-agent support for command-line mode.
  * Slightly better encoding and CLASSPATH support for XSP.
  * More informative error information in places.
  * Numerous other bugfixes, including a workaround for a Websphere bug that 
    Cocoon from working.

  Also new since the last release is a Bug Database and a Patch Queue on the 
Cocoon website.
  If you've posted us a bugfix and it hasn't been acted on yet, please feel 
free to file
  a bug report - it helps us keep track! (To file a report you need to first
  register, and then login.) Of course, we would like to see as much 
  as possible in bug reports, as this aids in tracking down bugs and testing 

  As usual, if upgrading from an earlier release, you need to replace your
  cocoon.properties file with the one supplied in
  (then make any site-specific adjustments if you have any),
  or Cocoon will very likely not work at all.

  Again, it may cause errors if you use old samples with a new Cocoon.
  If you use the ESQL taglib, the syntax has changed between Cocoon 1.8 and 
Cocoon 1.8.1.
  See the documentation for more details.


We hope you enjoy using Cocoon. Download, have fun - and help us
invent the future! ;-)

Robin Green
Cocoon 1.x Release Co-ordinator

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