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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Avalon Beta 3: Showstopper Fix.
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 18:03:56 GMT
The Avalon team announces the beta 3 release of Avalon
Framework and Excalibur 4.0. This release includes a serious
bug fix in Excalibur's Component Management infrastructure.
If you have downloaded Avalon 4.0 beta 2, then you are
encouraged to upgrade. The bug only affects users of the


The Avalon project is Apache's Java Server Framework. It is
separated into six sub projects: Framework, Excalibur, LogKit,
Cornerstone, Phoenix, and Testlet. It's purpose is to simplify
server side programming for Java based projects.  It
formalizes serveral best of breed practices and patterns for
server side programming. 

Avalon Framework 4.0 beta 3

Avalon Framework is the core of all of the Avalon projects,
and formalizes all the contracts and patterns used within all
Avalon compliant projects. 

Avalon Excalibur 4.0 beta 3

Avalon Excalibur contains several premade Avalon Components
and utilities to make your server side programming easier.
There are several pool implementations, Component management
implamentations, and database management implementations.

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