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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject LogKit 1.0b5 Released
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2001 06:36:50 GMT
LogKit 1.0b5 Released
 The Avalon team is proud to announce the 1.0b5 beta
 release of LogKit.

About Avalon
 The Avalon project is Apache's Java Server Framework.
 It is separated into six sub projects: Framework,
 Excalibur, LogKit, Cornerstone, Phoenix, and Testlet.
 Its purpose is to simplify server side programming
 for Java based projects. It formalizes serveral
 best of breed practices and patterns for server side

For more information about Avalon, please go to

About LogKit 1.0b5
 LogKit is an easy to use logging toolkit designed
 for secure performance orientated logging. It's
 design encourages integration into existing products
 with minimal impact.

For more information about LogKit 1.0b5, please go to

ChangeLog for LogKit 1.0b5

*)  Updated unit tests to use JUnit rather than Testlet. [EP]

*)  Deprecate OutputStreamLogger and replace with

*)  Added JMS support for JMS Log messages. 

*)  Added file rotation strategies, including patches
 from Bernhard Huber and Carsten Ziegeler 

*)  Implemented a database log target. 

*)  Used synchronization to make targets more threads

*)  Fix masquerading attack security hole. 

*)  Incorporate additivity feature similar to Log4j.
 This is needed as getLogTargets() is deprecated
 for security reasons (allowed masq) and yet this
 functionality is still needed. Added unit tests
 to verify it behaves as expected. 

*)  Made LogEvent serializable. The format may change
 slightly before release. 

*)  Passed Hierarchy object as ErrorHandler. Hierarchy
 delegates to another ErrorHandler which allows
 ErrorHandler to be pluggable without resetting
 all ErrorHandlers each time an ErrorHandler is changed. 

*)  Incorporated delegation of Error Handling to ErrorHandler.
 Logging components receive an ErrorHandler by implementing
 ErrorAware. Added AbstractTarget that provided
 basic functionality of open/close and error handling
 almost always needed by LogTargets. Refactored
 all existing targets to work with this method. 

*)  Made ContextMap serializable. After deserializing
 it defaults to readonly. This assumes that Context
 only contains serializable elements. 

*)  Update build process to the proposed standard. [BL]

*)  Update build process to notify the user of missing
 jars, and perform many other checks 

Downloads for LogKit 1.0b5 available at 



Fools ignore complexity.  Pragmatists suffer it.
Some can avoid it.  Geniuses remove it.
-- Perlis's Programming Proverb #58, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982

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