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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <cziege...@s-und-n.de>
Subject [Announcement] Apache Cocoon 2 RC 2 Release
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 13:45:24 GMT
Apache Cocoon 2.0rc2 Released

The Apache Cocoon team is proud to announce the 4th release
of Apache Cocoon. This release has been tested thoroughly.

Apache Cocoon is a complete rewrite of the Cocoon XML publishing framework
is supposed to remove all those design constraints that emerged from the
Cocoon 1 experience.

The Apache Cocoon Project has gone a long way since its creation on
January 1999. It started as a simple servlet for static XSL styling and
more and more powerful as new features were added. Unfortunately, design
decisions made early in the project influenced its evolution. Today, some of
those constraints that shaped the project were modified as XML standards
evolved and solidified. For this reason, those design decisions need to be
reconsidered under this new light.

While Apache Cocoon started as a small step in the direction of a new
web publishing idea based on better design patterns and reviewed estimations
of management issues, the technology used was not mature enough for tools to
emerge. Today, most web engineers consider XML as the key for an improved
model and web site managers see XML as a way to reduce costs and ease

In an era where services rather than software will be key for
economic success, a better and less expensive model for web publishing will
be a winner, especially if based on open standards.

For more information about Apache Cocoon 2.0rc2, please go to

Changes with Apache Cocoon 2.0rc2

*) Deprecation of CodeFactory in preparation of the tree traversal
implementation of the sitemap. All factory-based matchers have been
rewritten using the new PreparableMatcher interface, and all factory-based
selectors have been rewritten as regular implementations of Selector. For
patterns whose syntax uses '{' like regexp, sitemap substitution can be
avoided by escaping the brace character (example : "pat\{2}ern" will match
"pattern"). [SW]

*) Reduce exception nesting in case of sitemap setup errors, and display all
nested exceptions in the error page (avoids searching the logs for the
failure cause). [SW]

*) Added attribute management methods to environment Context and its
implementations. [SW]

*) Updated TraxTransformer and XSLTProcessor to allow simultaneous use of
several TRAX processors (e.g. xalan and saxon) in a controlled way. [SW]

*) Updated session handling of commandline interface and fixed parameter
handling. [CZ]

*) Fixed missing prefix in elements generated by the directory and image
directory generator. [CZ]

*) Throw exception for internal requests instead of using the error handler
and fixed component handling in subsitemaps when invoked internally.
Components only defined in a subsitemap were not found as for internal
requests the parent component manager was used. [CZ]

*) When Cocoon is reloaded, the logkit configuration is now also reloading.
This enables changing the logkit settings during runtime. [CZ]

*) The documentation build system now uses Cocoon itself to generate the
html documentation. [CZ]

*) Applied NPE fix in certain conditions in ServerPagesGenerator. Submitted
by: Ovidiu Predescu [ovidiu@cup.hp.com] [CZ]

*) Applied NPE fix for MRUMemoryStore Submitted by: Ovidiu Predescu
[ovidiu@cup.hp.com] [CZ]

*) Fixed (hopefully) dependency to the http environment in StreamGenerator.

*) Optional setting of the lexical-handler for XMLReader. This patch allows
to use Crimson instead of Xerces. Submitted by: Ovidiu Predescu
[ovidiu@cup.hp.com] [CZ]

*) Added xml compiler and interpreter to cocoon.xconf [CZ]

*) Applied Patch for entity catalogs: accept parameters from xconf.
Submitted by: David Crossley [crossley@indexgeo.com.au] [CZ]

*) Applied fix for missing "User-Agent" header in BrowserSelectorFactory.
Submitted by: Joerg Henne [j.henne@levigo.de] [CZ]

*) Enhanced Command Line Interface by adding background attribute to
ExtendedXLinkPipe and fixing bugs: "mailto:" and "news:" are now ignored for
traversing and links containing anchors are handled properly [CZ]

*) Applied patch for default value support for RequestParamAction. Submitted
by: Sergio Carvalho [sergio.carvalho@acm.org] [CZ]

*) Applied fix for a bug in the WriteDOMSessionTransformer for handling xml
documents with namespaces correctly. Submitted by: Greg Weinger
[gweinger@itmedicine.net] [CZ]



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www.sundn.de                          mailto: cziegeler@sundn.de

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