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From Joseph_Kessel...@lotus.com
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT] Xalan-J 2.2.D13 released
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2001 03:22:36 GMT

We have just posted Xalan-Java version 2.2.D13 (a Developer's release) to

This is almost identical with the withdrawn D12 release, but includes one
more bugfix and -- more importantly -- the xml-apis.jar file which we
forgot to ship last time around. Please remember to add this jarfile to
your execution environment; it contains the standardized APIs (DOM, SAX,
etc.). We expect to eventually share xml-apis.jar with other Apache
projects, avoiding some of the conflicts when different levels are used in
different packages and reducing the total code size when several are used

Executables, documentation, and samples are now packaged separately from
the source files and testcases. Download and unpack whichever you need from

     Binaries (user's package):

     Source (developer's package):

The sources are tagged in cvs as 'xalan-j_2_2_D13'.

D13 is our candidate for release as the production version of Xalan-Java
2.2, currently expected around December 3rd. Please test it thoroughly, and
post any problems you discover into Bugzilla.

(Note that for 2.2 we aren't yet overly concerned with Xerces2
compatability. We're planning to nail that down after the next Xerces
release cycle and release Xalan-Java 2.3 around January 2nd.)

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