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From Elena Litani <elit...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT]: Xerces-J 2.5.0 now available
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 20:11:07 GMT
Hi all, 

The Xerces-J team is very happy to announce that version 2.5.0 of
Xerces-J is now available.  

This release provides a partial partial implementation of the XML
Inclusions (XInclude) W3C Candidate Recommendation and also brings
Xerces-J into compliance with the most recent work of the W3C DOM
working group on DOM level 3 Core and Load/Save. 

Specifically, the significant changes introduced in this release are:

- Added annotation support to the XML Schema component model API
implementation. Modified the PSVI API to allow exposing facets as
objects. [Neil Graham, Elena Litani] 

- Added preliminary XInclude implementation, excluding support for
XPointer and XML Base specifications. [Peter McCracken, Arun Yadav,
Elena Litani] 

- Implemented the latest DOM Level 3 Core and Load and Save drafts in
Last Call. [Elena Litani, Gopal Sharma, Arun Yadav, Neeraj Bajaj] 

- Modified PSVIWriter to output all PSVI information. Changed it to
output to an XNI event stream rather than a file. [Peter McCracken, Neil

- Modified error messages for Schema validation. [Peter McCracken, Sandy

- Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in the scanner caused by some
invalid character references. [Michael Glavassevich] 

- Fixed various bugs related to XML 1.1. [Neil Graham, Neil Delima,
Michael Glavassevich] 

- Fixed various bugs in the URI implementation, and added previously
missing support for IPv6 addresses. [Michael Glavassevich] 

- Fixed performance issue for attributes with large value field. [Thomas

- Fixed various bugs. [Neil Delima, Neil Graham, Elena Litani, Michael
Glavassevich, K. Venugopal] 

The release can be downloaded from

Thank you,
Elena Litani / IBM Toronto

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