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From "Chris Kay" <c...@bigfoot.de>
Subject IP Address of Connecting Client in RPC Handlers of WebServer?
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2002 05:33:27 GMT
Hi everyone!

Not sure if this ever came up before, but I was wondering if there is any
way a registered RPC handler could find out from its WebServer the IP
address of the connecting client requesting RPC?

I've looked through the code a bit and, apparently, in WebServer.java,
method run(), the Socket from serverSocket.accept() is retrieved which
should contain the client's IP address (method Socket.getInetAddress()).
However, the Socket is just passed on to the thread mechanism which,
eventually and ignoring any such information, will invoke a registered
handler's fitting RPC method, while the WebServer will be ready again to
accept other incoming requests. Obviously, the latter means storing the IP
in the WebServer doesn't work as other requests might have come in before a
finally invoked RPC method of a handler for a previous request queries the
stored IP.

Is there any way that the threads could carry on such information and make
it somehow available to the handlers? Or better yet, am I just too blind to
see the obvious, already working solution? :o)

To sum up, it's the connecting client's IP that I am interested in, not the
local WebServer's IP (which I assume can be queried from the stored
serverSocket if one extends the WebServer class). A solution where one
naively expects an RPC client to send its own IP as an argument with the RPC
request is not desirable as it could easily be faked.

Thanks for any help!

Cheers, Chris

PS: My apologies if messages should not be posted to both mailing lists. But
I just couldn't decide which of the two is the more suitable one.

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